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Since I've started to get a bit too much random e-mails from people, I've decided to make a few "guidelines" about taking contact. It's not to be unsympathetic or something...it's just that I will have to make a few preferences! So please read carefully through this:


1.) Please read my FAQ and look through my website before asking me questions. PLEASE. It's incredibly annoying to receive emails with questions already answered on my site, or questions about things people would have found out by themselves. The excuse "sorry, I was in a hurry and didn't have time to read through your site" is NOT a good excuse at all! If you've got the time to send me an email and ask me about it, you also would have the time to search for it. Don't use my  time only to spare yourself from some searching.


2.) I am not a talkative person, I absolutely hate chatting and stuff like that, and therefore, I will most likely not respond to "everyday" e-mails. Sorry! But I simply don't have the energy to sit and use my time on such things. I've got more important things to do. I also have to admit I started to lose interest in getting in contact with new people after experiencing that 99% of those who e-mailed me and wanted to "get to know me" always ended up asking for free art, free access to Ero-Mania, and other ways of  trying to take advantage of the so-called "friendship"...so, unfortunately, I'm not a very easy person to get in contact with. I guess that's what happens to you in the end, when you experience stuff like this...I simply don't find it worth the time and effort it actually takes to write a bunch of e-mails to lots of strangers. This is time that could be better spent on creating artwork for those who support me and really care about what I do. I will mostly reply on questions about commissions, my projects or stuff like that...but if you write to me without really leaving anything relevant I can reply to, I most likely won't. Sorry about that.



Okay...I guess that wasn't too hard? I hope you understand why I'm doing this ^_^












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