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Name: Vanja

From: Norway

Born: 22 August 1983

Sign: Leo

Favourite music:

I'm listening to all kinds of music, all depending on my mood.


I'm not really a sadomasochist, but I'm a bit submissive.

Fetish Fashion:

Pvc, leather, latex, corsets, costumes +++





 When I started this website, I didn't know much about how popular it would eventually become, and how much

 of my art I'd actually display online. At first it was just a small site that was updated maybe once a month...or less.

 I displayed a handful of my hentai comics and drawings, some fetish fashion photos, and got maybe a hundred

 unique visitors a month. Then, over time, the traffic started to rise pretty much, and I added more and more

 hentai pics that can be viewed in my gallery. I also started to add hentai comics and parody comics, animated

 movies, hentai games, and more. And I have truly enjoyed running this website for all these years, and I will

 probably continue doing so for a long, long time to come! ^_^


 When I started this website, I was still a naive student who had no idea how the real world actually

 works. Bills needs to be paid...food and rent doesn't come cheap...and creating art isn't done within minutes. If

 actually continuing creating art, while still being able to provide for myself, I had to make it my fulltime job. Life can

 seem somewhat easy when you're still a student, and I guess it's easy to not really pay much mind to that some

 day, it isn't gonna be your mom that cleans up your shit and makes your food, and that rent and other bills are

 gonna have to be paid by money coming from...somewhere. You know:  a job :P. But a full-time job = almost no

 time left for drawing. And almost no time left for drawing = this website would probably have ended up as

 abandoned due to almost never being updated. In order to survive as a hentai artist (or "adult toon artist", if you want)

 I had to start a "paysite" in order to make a living.


 In short, the best solution in order to continue producing art, was to create a paysite where I can earn some

 money off of my hard work. I know that there are a lot of people who are unhappy with this, but seriously: don't

 you think my work is worth paying a bit for? One can't expect people to produce content for you for free, you

 know. It takes a lot of time to produce artwork, where one single drawing can take several hours to complete.

 Larger stuff like for example games, can take several months of hard work to create. This is time that I need to get

 paid for in order to continue doing it, or else I would have to find myself another job in order to pay for food and

 rent, and then all that time will get lost and I'd hardly be able to produce anything anymore. I mostly work 10 hours

 a day on drawing in order to produce what I do. If 8 of these hours went into another full-time job (plus probably

 an hour in travelling back and forth), that means I'd have only 1 hour left for drawing every day. That's not even

 enough to complete one single drawing, and much less create time-consuming things like games and animations. Creating

 just one single drawing would have ended up taking me several days...and creating one comic page, which naturally takes

 considerably more time than a drawing, would probably have taken me 1-2 weeks. Games and animated movies? Forget

 that, it would have taken me years..! Time is one of the most valuable things we've got, and drawing is very time



 Anyone here that is of legal age is able to spend a little money by becoming a member at  the paysite, Ero-Mania,

 if they really want to. If they don't want to: well, that's okay. I can't force people to be interested, and everyone's

 welcome here anyway and enjoy what I've got for free. Hopefully, if you grow a liking to my work and would like to

 see me continue, you might consider signing up on Ero-Mania and support me ^_^


 I will continue to update this site with new comics, drawings, photos and more. Most of my art will be added on

 Ero-Mania of course (people who pay should naturally get more of the goodies ;) ). But since I'm actually a

 very nice person, I still update with free stuff here, and pretty frequently too ^^


 If you have anything you'd like me to draw, then commissions are open, and you may order a drawing or a short

 comic for a very small price. Note, I do not do free requests, but may to art trades provided that you give me

 your part of the trade first.


 That's pretty much all I can think of for now. So have fun! ^_^











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