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I have a huge website that you can visit for free. This requires, from me, a lot of time and money. Therefore I really hope you enjoy your stay here at my site. And I'd be even more happy if you, between your wank sessions, would be willing to somehow support me and my site in some way. It doesn't necessarily have to be by donating or giving me money, you can show your support in other ways too. If you like my site, then show me!



The best way to support me is to become a member on Ero-Mania. Not only do you help me with keeping Vanja's World up (and free) when signing up there, you also get to see a lot of my drawings and comics I've made for that site, as well as other artist's works as well! Ero-Mania's income helps me being able to continue drawing adult art and doing what I do, and without this income I would need to get income from another job, and then I wouldn't have been able to draw very much - and that would probably, sooner or later, make Vanja's World die because I would never have the time or energy to update it. So become a member on Ero-Mania, if you truly like my art and want to see me continue! ^_^



Be active and write feedback!

Activity on my website, which means writing feedback in the galleries, and joining the forum, is something I really, really appreciate. Activity also makes me more inspired, and it gets more fun to work with my site! I'd wish more people could spend a few minutes on writing some feedback on my site (not to my email!), instead of just viewing all the content in silence. It requires just a little bit of your time, yet it means much to me. Little or no feedback also kills my inspiration, so if you like something I have added it would be very wise of you to let me know in a comment in the gallery.


Link to me!

If you have a website, I would be very very very happy if you'd put up a link to my site! ^^


Make me some fanstuff ^^

Fanstuff, that can be viewed in my Fanstuff gallery, is something I really appreciate! I NEVER get tired of getting fanstuff! :D


Become a member at some of the sites I'm advertising for

If you, after having clicked the link to one of the websites I'm advertising for (Clubstripes, Jabcomix, Transartsstudio, Spirits studio, Poonet, and Hotfurs) I will get a percentage of the sales, and these money will of course help me cover my website costs. Also, these websites are high quality sites and not some I have just picked on random. I have also been a member myself on most of them :)


Vote for me!

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